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Round 7

Shani Finch

Round 6

Shani Finch is a young emerging artist from Brisbane, who is a passionate feminist and believer in self love. Finch uses an array of techniques and materials to create images of the female form which are designed to stimulate an open dialogue about the overall negative perception of female sexuality in society. Her work is positioned to encourage female empowerment and to help break away from the societal norms of body shaming, by presenting all human forms as beautiful and positively re-enforcing self love.


Round 5

Blu Art Xinja

Round 5

Cosmic adventurer,
Truth seeker,
Art Ninja.


Round 4

Xandolino has a versatile style that can be applied to different surfaces and material. From small

watercolours to big murals, they play around with different themes from abstract to figurative.

Dank Zappa

Round 4

Brisbane based Visual artist.


Round 3

Procreativ is first and foremost about bringing ideas to life, no matter how big or small.

You dream it, and I will create it.

Offering a professional, friendly and high quality creative service. By merging traditional art with graffiti, street art, design and sign writing techniques, I strive to create a service totally unique to each client, from small business, to corporate, schools to private homes.

With over 20 years art experience, a hunger for new challenges and knowledge, combined with a proficiency in aerosol, brush and digital mediums, I am able to show versatility with each job.

Take a look through my galleries, hopefully the work speaks for itself.

-Steve Falco

Emmanuel Moore

Round 3

Based in Brisbane, Emmanuel Moore is a visual artist who creates paintings and drawings commonly using aerosol, acrylic and interior/exterior paint. Inspired by urban environments, Moore creates alienated landscapes of recognisable sceneries and objects that hold symbolic meanings as a way of delivering a theory or message to its audience. These imaginative images allows the viewers to create their own perspective and meaning of the artwork. Moore’s artworks are constructed from memory or photographs, allowing each object and/or scenery to be constructed similarly to its original form.


Round 2

My practice of art in Brisbane has spanned over twenty years from studying at QUT to running ARI ‘Lovelove Studio’. My work consists primarily of painting and sculpture. A defining element to the painterly aspect of my practice is the colour palette. At first there is no plan to my painting; colours, bold and bright command. Eventually the abstract leads to form and the meld of colours births objects and landscapes both natural and man-made. This is often overlayed with specific subject matter and that of late has been the portrayal Australia’s unique bird life. My sculptures take a more refined path where there is a plan and end goal. I build mini replicas of inanimate objects with attention to detail, yet purposeful imperfection. What does art mean to me? The freedom of expression, escape from the minds chatter. My art keeps me centred.

Benny Pierce

Round 2

Benny Pierce is a Brisbane based emerging artist, with a core practice revolving around illustration. Taking inspiration from scenes around the city, Pierce is constantly scribbling on anything he can find, making his murals, graphic novels and virtual reality pieces probably the most proudly Brisbane art we’ve seen for a long time.

Bao Ho

Round 1 (BSAF Launch)

Bao is a Hong Kong born and based artist who mainly loves freestyle work with murals and illustrations. She started her career in 2015 and shortly afterwards collaborated with various international brands. She was the champion of Secret Walls Hong Kong Series 3. Bao has travelled and worked on projects in all corners of the globe including Australia, Taiwan, Mainland China, Japan, Indonesia, Italy and Czech Republic.

EJ Zyla

Round 1 (BSAF Launch)

EJ considers herself self-taught with a predisposition for Fine Arts. The experience with her arts practice ranges from lead-lighting, Photography, Illustration to self publication, digital drawing, concept design and now mural/public art work. A Jack of all trades in terms of telling story, visually; she uses these skills within public art as she feels most at home painting large scale images from years of drawing and refining her style through the medium of paint.